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Microsoft Secure Score Consulting

Microsoft Secure Score is a tool designed to help organisations assess the security of their Microsoft 365 environment. It provides a score that reflects the organisation's security posture and offers recommendations for improving security.

Here's our Statement of Work for consulting services relating to improving your organisation's Microsoft Secure Score:

  • Assessment and Analysis: Our Security Consultant will analyze your Microsoft Secure Score and provide
    an assessment of your security posture. This includes identifying vulnerabilities and making
    recommendations for improving your score.
  • Implementation and Integration: Our Security Consultant will assist with the improving your Microsoft
    Secure Score and integrating it into your existing security framework.
  • Guidance and Support: Our Security Consultant can provide guidance to your IT team members on how
    to use Microsoft Secure Score and provide ongoing support as needed.
  • Customisation: Our Security Consultant can help customize Microsoft Secure Score to meet your specific
    security needs and requirements.

The business value of these services is to improve your security posture and reduce the risk of security breaches.

Because Netcare do not have experience of the IT environment, the fairest way for both parties seems to be on an hourly rate basis, via our Netcare OnDemand agreement.

Netcare OnDemand

Trusted and professional IT support as required.

Netcare OnDemand best suits customers who want to have the reassurance of having ready access to a trusted and professional IT services provider on an as-required basis.

Our suggested OnDemand retainer arrangement works like an Opal travel card. Both parties agree on an initial retainer amount, that reduces as ticket time entries are made. Once the agreed minimum threshold is reached, the agreed top-up retainer amount is applied and invoiced.