While moving to a completely remote workforce during pandemic shutdown orders was a sudden change that disrupted business operations in Australia and throughout the world, the adjustment back to offices is not quite as absolute or sudden.

The pandemic was a wakeup call for businesses that they need to rethink what an office looks like. The new normal is shaping up to be a more hybrid environment which is a mix of both onsite and remote employees.

Companies are now navigating a transition to flex working, where employees split time between both office and home, as well as incorporating fully remote teams which may be located anywhere.

The one digital business solution that’s made a remote workflow possible without losing that important personal connection is easy video conferencing for client or team meetings, one-on-ones, and even large conferences with Microsoft Teams.

In March alone, Microsoft Teams video conference calls increased by 1,000%

One of the benefits of using a solution like Microsoft Teams is that video conferencing is much less complicated. One thing that stifled video conference use prior to the pandemic when most people were still working at the office was the confusing A/V equipment and setups that had to be figured out just to get a video signal.

It wasn’t uncommon for the first 20 minutes of a meeting to be spent just trying to get all participants connected.

Teams was ahead of the curve, improving the video conference experience even before the pandemic made video a necessity for any business that wanted to effectively communicate and keep a personal connection with their teams and customers.

As video takes on a larger role in day-to-day business interactions, it’s time to think about putting a strategy in place that brings the ease of Teams for remote employees into office conference rooms and video spaces.

Enabling Easy Video Calls Anywhere

Microsoft Teams gives organisations and easy all-in-one communication and productivity platform, which also happens to have strong video capabilities. But how do you take a single computer experience and expand that to work in a conference room or office huddle space?

Teams room devices bridge that gap by allowing you to replace complicated office video setups. As Microsoft states, “For every work experience, there’s a Microsoft Teams device.”

What this means is that you can create high-quality video meeting experiences without the complicated equipment.

Here are some of the benefit of a Teams video experience connecting your office, remote workers, and clients.

One Step Connection

Teams Rooms devices are designed for a single step connection, allowing you to spend more of your time getting things done and less time trying to get everyone in the meeting.

Teams Rooms for Every Size Space

One of the adjustments companies are making is the downsizing of offices. With more employees working remotely, they can operate with much less square footage, improving both their sustainability and their bottom line.

Teams Rooms device setups are available for everything from a large conference room to a small corner huddle space, so you have the flexibility to create a high-quality video meeting experience anywhere.

Video Chat as Easily as Calling

If it’s difficult for people to get on a video call, they’ll just use audio, which reduces the richness of the experience. People are often more engaged and interactive in a brainstorming session when they can see the other participants.

Teams-enabled desk phones make video calling as easy as audio calling with built in displays that allow people to video chat easily from their phone.

Create a Consistent Collaborative Experience for Everyone

From an employee that’s on a mobile device to a remote employee at home to a group at the office, using Microsoft Teams devices, you can create a consistent experience for your video meetings.

This means no one is left out or misses any of the action, and due to the ease of connecting, people will be more collaborative, bridging the distance gap between your remote and in-office workforce.

Why Now is the Time to Upgrade Your Digital Infrastructure

Companies that are prepared to operate efficiently in the new remote/onsite hybrid working environment will be the ones that are more resilient and get a step ahead of their competition.

Now is the time to invest in your digital infrastructure and investigate ways to leverage the Australian Government’s $17.6 billion stimulus package designed to help get companies and their employees back to work successfully with various financial incentives.

The need to facilitate fast, easy, and high-quality video conferencing will continue long after the pandemic has passed. That makes Teams a vital technology asset for any business to offer new customer experiences for their clients and keep their teams connected and productive.

Learn More About Using Microsoft Teams Rooms Devices

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