Do you have slow computers in your office that take ages to start up and that slow to a crawl whenever there's more than 1 or 2 apps running?

If so, I bet you have Windows 7 computers that have actually been doing a good job for six or seven years but are now right at the end of their productive life.

Windows 10 has been released for over 5 years now and basically all applications work on Windows 10. Windows 10 is a natural progression so there's no cross-over learning bump before you begin to take advantage of the additional productivity, functionality, and security features of Microsoft's latest operating system. Plus, most of your staff probably have a Windows 10 home computer at home already...

Here are 5 good reasons to replace your old business computers before the end of this financial year:

#1 Amazingly fast start-up and all-day-long performance

We now recommend SSDs (solid-state drives) for all desktops because of the increased productivity you and your staff will experience. SSDs are about 10 times faster than a normal hard drive and you will notice that difference from the time you turn your computer on until the end of the day when you turn it off. SSD drives used to carry a hefty premium, but not anymore - and the small extra cost (about $50) is quickly recovered by getting through your work quicker, especially when you're running multiple applications or working with large files.

#2 No hardware warranty nor software support

For most of our clients, June is a hectic time - trying to close as many sales as possible whilst at the same time working on budgets and plans for the 2021 fin year. Using slow computers on old hardware that have no warranty coverage is a recipe for frustration, wasted time, and data loss. On top of that, Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft - not even newly-discovered security flaws.

#3 Microsoft Office can no longer be installed on Windows 7

Thelatest version of Microsoft Office can no longer be installed on a Windows 7 device. Office 365 will continue to work if it's already been installed but ifa problem is encountered it can’t be reinstalled so a very big reason to change now so you avoid frustration and lost productivity.

#4 Tax Advantages

The recent Instant asset write-off initiative announced by the Federal Government reminded us all that there are even better tax advantages than last year when purchasing new equipment. If your turnover is under $50M, I'm sure you're aware that the Budget extended the write-off threshold for all asset purchases up to $150K per item.

#5 Manufacturer Specials

Many of the leading manufacturers are currently running end of financial year marketing campaigns. For example, HP has a very attractive promotional bundle on offer while stocks last - purchase a low-profile HP EliteDesk 800 G5 Desktop Mini and get a tilt, swivel, pivot, and adjustable height HP monitor for an extra $130 (ex GST).

NOW is the time to replace your old computers

The HP EliteDesk is a great priced high-performance business computer - I personally recommend it as I have one myself!

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