Disaster recovery and business continuity planning should be considered a critical aspect of running a business. However, many organisations disregard it completely. Others have some kind of plan in place, but fail to grasp how time consuming the recovery process can be and the associated cost of downtime.

39% of small and mid-sized businesses don’t have an incident response plan.

The good news is that today’s data protection technologies and services have greatly improved the IT piece of the business continuity puzzle. There is a wide array of options in the market today at different price points, which enable you to select a product or service tailored to your specific business needs.

Rather than needing to piece together a business continuity and recovery strategy part by part to ensure your ongoing technology success, an all-in-one business continuity platform can make the entire process much easier.

At NetCare, we recommend SIRIS - the flagship of Datto's continuity solutions.

The Benefits of SIRIS Business Continuity Solution

Business continuity is about preventing and protecting. Should a ransomware attack occur, a business continuity and disaster recovery plan will keep downtime to a minimum and get you back up and running as soon as possible.

Continuity plans are also about preventing as many crisis incidents from occurring as possible. For example, it may include use of data protection policies to help prevent data breaches.

According to IBM Security’s Cost of a Data Breach Report 2020 organisations that have automated security solutions for disaster recovery can save an average of $3.58 million from the average cost of a data breach.

SIRIS from Datto offers multiple benefits that include automated solutions to cover multiple facets of a company’s business continuity strategy.

Here’s how this business continuity platform helps prevent incidents and helps your office recover as quickly as possible should any occur.

Protects All Your Data with Redundancy

Data loss from a ransomware attack, natural disaster, or hard drive crash can cause devastating costs for a company. This all-in-one continuity platform protects your business data by storing it both locally and in secure cloud-based data centers.

This ensures that you’re not relying on 3rd party cloud providers for your data security and have redundancy that uses backup best practices.

Automated Ransomware Detection & Recovery

Ransomware is one of the particularly harmful types of attacks because it can bring an organisation to a standstill. It’s also a threat that’s rising. In the first half of 2020, Australian data breaches caused by ransomware rose by 154% compared to the prior six-month period.

SIRIS provides automated detection of ransomware and easy recovery that can be done quickly to restore all data and minimise any disruption.

Verified Malware-Free Backups

You won’t have to find out too late that a backup stalled months ago or has been infected from a syncing computer that has a virus.

Datto’s business continuity solution gives you confidence in your backups by providing verification that all files are backed up properly and are fully intact and free of any malware.

Back Up as Often as You Like

It’s amazing the amount of data being created each minute in today’s technology-driven world. If you use a system that backs up just once per day, you could still end up losing a lot of data if a catastrophe happens.

With SIRIS, you can back up your data as often as you like, even as frequently as every five minutes, to ensure nothing is going to be lost.

Peace of Mind from Managed Backup

When you connect to an unmanaged backup system yourself and just expect everything to work correctly, there are bound to be problems that you don’t find until you happen to need that data restored.

Backups can fail due to things such as:

  • Running out of space
  • Software conflict
  • Employee accidentally turns it off
  • OS error

When you sign up for SIRIS with NetCare, your data backups are fully monitored and managed. You’ll never have to worry about something going wrong or data backups failing, because we’re keeping a watchful eye on everything for you.

Fast Restoration: In Minutes, Not Hours or Days

When it comes to disaster recovery, every minute counts. The average cost of downtime for small businesses in Sydney and elsewhere in Australia is $2,000 per hour. For larger organisations, it can be as much as $144,062 per hour.

Getting data restored and your operations back up and running quickly saves you considerable downtime costs.

SIRIS is designed for fast and easy data recovery, including the ability to restore entire servers of data in just minutes, not hours or days.

Gain Peace of Mind with an All-In-One Automated Business Continuity Solution

NetCare can help your business solve the business continuity issue by implementing easy solutions that keep you protected and resilient.

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