DNS security has become more critical because Domain Name Server requests have become a larger target for cybercriminals. While DNS is a vital function of how the internet works by connecting IP addresses to website URLs, it can also be manipulated and become a point of vulnerability.

Each time someone at your office types a website address into their browser, that initiates a DNS request so their browser lands on the right website.

What bad actors can do when that activity is left unprotected and visible includes:

  • See which sites a person has visited
  • See which applications may be in use
  • Use the data for targeted advertising, or worse

The logical next step for many developers trying to create a good business solution has been to develop a way to secure that DNS request over HTTPS with encryption. This is called DoH.

But DoH has been problematic due to loss of control and visibility, causing companies to choose between being less secure, but having more visibility, or gaining security but losing visibility.

The ideal way to protect online browsing would be to ensure those DNS requests can’t be intercepted by hackers who use them to breach your network AND still have the controls and visibility into all DNS activities.

Benefits of Webroot® DNS Protection from NetCare

Webroot® DNS Protection is designed to give organizations the best of both worlds so they don’t have to choose between privacy and security. They have full control over DNS request filtering to help block malicious sites, as well as keep requests from being intercepted.

As a security-first IT services provider, NetCare uses this solution ourselves, and we also recommend DNS protection to all our Technology Success customers.

So, exactly how does DNS protection help keep your business more secure? Here are the top 7 benefits:

#1 Protects Against Phishing Attacks

In 2019, phishing URLs increased 640%. Nowadays most phishing attacks use links instead of file attachments. Links to malicious sites often get past antivirus software and can fool users into visiting spoofed login forms or sites that infect devices with malware.

DNS filtering can protect a user even if they’ve been fooled by a phishing email and clicked a malicious link. It acts as a control layer that receives the DNS request before the browser. It will evaluate the URL and match that against a database of known threats. If the URL is found to be malicious, the user is redirected to a warning page instead of being taken to the site.

#2 DNS Requests are Kept Private

With DNS protection in place, the requests being made through browsers at your organization are kept encrypted and secure. Hackers can’t access the DNS request data thus they can’t exploit it to cause harm to your network.

#3 Improves Regulatory Compliance

The security and visibility controls available in Webroot® DNS Protection can make it easier for companies to comply with data privacy regulations.

#4 Off-Network Protection for Remote & Mobile Workers

Many Sydney businesses are now using remote workers due to the pandemic. This adds a layer of complexity to network security.

DNS protection gives you the ability to protect your workforce whether they’re in the office, working from home, or traveling. Webroot® works well with VPNs, firewalls, and other network security applications so it’s able to keep your entire staff protected no matter where they are.

#5 Gain Visibility Into User Activity

If users are visiting inappropriate websites while at work, that’s something a company needs to know about so they can address it.

DNS filtering allows logging of internet activity so companies can monitor user activity as well as block any problematic websites.

#6 Keep Browsing Safe on Any Device

DNS protection works with multiple device types. So, whether someone is browsing in Safari on an iPhone or using Edge on a laptop, their DNS requests will be secure and protected.

This tool works with the following devices that access the internet via corporate Wi-Fi, LAN, or guest network:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Apple
  • Android

#7 No Hardware to Install

You won’t have to worry about the additional cost or hassle of having on-site equipment. You get complete protection for all DNS requests and activity, but there is no on-site hardware to install or maintain.

The DNS protection is completely cloud-based, making it simple to get started and there is no hardware maintenance or administration that you need to worry about.

Get DNS Protection via NetCare Technology Success

Stay protected from phishing threats and gain more control over your browsing activities with DNS protection for the low price of $3 per device per month.

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