Companies have gone through a lot of digital transformations recently. Many of these were accelerated and/or fueled by the global pandemic. Companies found themselves needing to support a hybrid and remote workforce and thus needed to transition to cloud-based tools that supported them.

All this transition to new work tools can cause employees to feel overwhelmed, especially if there’s no formal training plan in place. Without proper training, productivity can drop for those users that have trouble adopting new software. This can also cause morale to suffer.

While you’re reaching for technology success, have you been leaving any employees behind during the transformation?

If you’re one of the nearly 82,000 companies in Australia using Microsoft 365, then there is a tool you can use to help your employees gain the confidence they need in their business apps.

Microsoft recently provided a new learning platform that can be activated within your SharePoint environment within half an hour.

It's called Microsoft 365 learning pathways and it’s a free, customisable product training experience.

Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways Overview

Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways is an on-demand training tool that has been out for just over two years. It’s designed to help users increase their skills at their own pace and become more proficient in their Microsoft 365 tools.

Some of the benefits of enabling learning pathways include the following.

Up-to-Date Microsoft Product Training

The training in learning pathways is kept up to date, so there is nothing you have to do to ensure your employees can learn the latest Microsoft tools. Employees can learn on-demand and choose from a wide variety of training topics.

Multilingual Features

Microsoft recently added a multilingual feature that supports ten languages natively in learning pathways. This helps ensure that users can learn in the way that best suits their needs and that your company isn’t held back by language barriers.

Fully Customisable

Learning pathways is set up in a customisable SharePoint Online communication site. You can align the user experience to your app usage and adoption plans. If you want to integrate customer or Microsoft Partner content with your training site, you have the freedom to do that.

Create Your Own Training Playlists

You can set up your own training playlists to support specific departments in your organisation. This allows you to target your training to the needs of a group, project, or change management strategy.

Integrate With Microsoft Teams

One nice thing about working with Microsoft 365 is that all the apps integrate well with each other. Using the Get Started app template you can deploy Microsoft 365 learning pathways inside Microsoft Teams and bring training directly to your users.

The app template allows you to grant access to specific training pages and other intranet assets. You can also change the app name or logo.

Use Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways to Set Up Your Own Custom Training

Using the learning pathways framework, you can tailor it to create your own training delivery program. Alongside the content provided on Microsoft products, you can add other intranet assets to the playlist pages and add other external content, such as YouTube videos into your playlist.

You can also embed the learning pathways webpart into other sites, to fit it into existing company pages.

It’s Free With Your Subscription

Another good reason to enable learning pathways is that it’s a free solution with your Microsoft 365 subscription. If you’re paying for a separate training delivery app, you could save money by using this tool you already have with your M365 plan.

How to Get Started

We recommend everyone should activate this and select one or two early adopters within your company to check it out.

For your first step, we recommend reviewing this video about Microsoft Learning Pathways:

Next, you’ll be provisioning learning pathways from the SharePoint look book service. When you do this, you’ll get a SharePoint online communication site that is all ready to go as a training portal and the learning pathways Web part connected to an online catalog of Microsoft training content.

Microsoft suggests these four steps:

  1. Reading the overview of multilingual support for learning pathways
  2. Choosing your setup option and then provisioning the tool
  3. Customising learning pathways once you have it to fit your organisational needs
  4. Sharing learning pathways with your users using the adoption tools from Microsoft

Microsoft’s adoption tools can boost user engagement and include things like:

  • A recommended communication campaign calendar
  • End-user launch tips
  • Email templates
  • And more

Need Help Getting Started with Learning Pathways?

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