Windows 11 is now rolling out to users around the world, being made available for free to anyone that has a compatible Windows 10 PC.

Businesses are faced with a decision of whether to upgrade all company computers now or wait a while to get over any rocky patches. It’s not unusual for an initial release of an operating system to have problems. While some companies are early adopters and ride them out, others prefer to wait until the OS has been successfully in use for a while.

Yet other companies hold on to an older operating system for too long and end up having to rush at the last minute to upgrade before they lose critical security support.

Windows 10 has a little less than 4 years before it’s officially retired in October of 2025 when it loses all support. The fact that the Windows 11 upgrade is free for compatible PCs makes it easier for companies to upgrade sooner rather than later, as there isn’t a large cash outlay for software.

But if you want to ensure your technology success and not hit any major downtime, should you wait? Or are you missing out on some great features by not upgrading to Windows 11 now?

How Has Windows 11 Been Received?

So far, Windows 11 has been very well received, garnering excellent reviews from places like PC Magazine. This isn’t a dramatic upgrade as the one from Windows 7 or Windows 8 to Windows 10. This is a more subtle upgrade, but one that has some performance-driven features.

There are no major bugs or issues reported, and several of those dealing with network printing conflicts have been resolved pretty quickly. Current issues that Microsoft notes are outstanding on its site include:

  • Microsoft Installer might have issues updating or repairing apps
  • Compatibility issues between Windows 11 and Oracle VirtualBox

So overall, the risk is low for having any major downtime or issues with the software when upgrading to Windows 11.

Designed for Performance & Intuitive Navigation

There are many advantages to upgrading to Windows 11 now rather than waiting. We’ll go through several of the performance-enhancing features that can boost your team’s productivity.

Easier Work in Multiple Windows

One of the most helpful new features of Windows 11 is snap layouts. The feature is simple to use from the middle icon at the top-right of any window. Just choose a configuration of between 2-4 windows and have them instantly snapped into place in an optimised view.

One of the most frustrating and time-consuming elements of working in more than one window at a time is trying to get them sized just right. Often you go through all that sizing, only to need to redo it because you can’t reach scroll bars.

Snap layouts eliminates that frustration and makes it easy to see and scroll your side-by-side windows.

De-Cluttered Layout

The Start Menu has been completely redesigned to get you what you need faster with little distraction. Other changes you’ll note are rounded corners to windows and other small UI changes that make working on your computer more pleasant and less stressful.

The interface was designed with peace and tranquility in mind, as illustrated by the new Windows theme options.

Native Teams Integration for Instant Calls, Video Chats & SMS

Another powerful feature that may cause you to want to upgrade as soon as possible is the boost that Microsoft Teams gets with Windows 11. It now has its own icon on the desktop and users can use that to instantly connect with others.

Those you connect with do not need to have a Teams or Microsoft account. You also don’t have to open Teams to use the messaging, calling, or video meeting feature. You can do it right from your desktop.

This is a big game-changer for anyone that had a PC and an iPhone, which could not be paired with Windows OS as an Android phone could. The phone you have no longer matters because you can use Teams to send and receive text messages from your computer using a person’s mobile phone number.

This saves time and avoids you from having to stop what you’re doing to check for an incoming text message on your phone. Many users will also appreciate the ability to more easily type a text using their full keyboard, rather than having to peck it out on a mobile phone.

Ensure a Smooth Windows 11 Upgrade with NetCare

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