The average cost of cybercrime to an Australian business is $276,323. It’s one of the biggest threats to a business and one that can take many forms.

From ransomware to phishing attacks to cloud account breaches, any type of IT security incident can be costly - resulting in downtime, lost productivity, and a damaged business reputation.

Many of these attacks are directed squarely at end users. In fact, 90% of security breaches are unintentional and caused by human error. One accidental click on a phishing email is all it takes.

That’s why employee security awareness training is a must for any successful business cybersecurity strategy. Employees are on the front line when it comes to device and data security and if the staff is only trained once in a blue moon, it can leave your business at larger risk of a breach.

Changing employee cybersecurity behavior through ongoing awareness training can reduce security breach risk by 70%.

These days, employee security awareness training is even more important due both to increases in cybercrime in general and because many Sydney area businesses now have employees working remotely from home. It’s important that employees have a good “cybersecurity IQ” so they can securely work from home, office, or anywhere else.

Improve Employees’ Cybersecurity IQ with NetCare SAT

NetCare Security Awareness Training (SAT) powered by Bullphish, is specifically designed to reduce the risk that Australian businesses face due to user errors.

The NetCare SAT program includes both comprehensive IT security training and phishing simulations, which are vital to helping employees recognise real phishing when it hits their inbox.

Here are the four key benefits:

#1 Comprehensive Training

Employees can become disengaged if security awareness training isn’t delivered in an interactive way. Just giving an employee a PDF to review on their own or having someone talk at them for hours, doesn’t generally invite retention or engagement.

Our training is easy to understand and designed to be given in a series of short, visually engaging training videos. Each training also includes an online quiz to test the retention of the training concept.

This format ensures that training accomplishes the desired end result, which is instilling a better understanding of how to prevent data security incidents.

#2 Simulated Phishing Attacks

Phishing emails have become increasingly sophisticated, making it difficult for untrained employees to identify them in their inboxes.

Approximately 30% of users open phishing emails, and 12% of them click or open a malicious link or file attachment.

We can send customised messages to fit a specific group or department and preschedule phishing campaigns to release regularly. This helps to hone users’ detection skills because they’re exposed to simulations of all the latest phishing traps set by criminals.

#3 Measurement and Tracking

You receive a regular Security Threat Report that gives you insight into how your employees are doing and how your overall cybersecurity posture looks.

NetCare SAT reporting includes granular details on employee training scores and how your team has performed in simulated phishing attacks, such as how many users clicked on a link.

#4 Detection for Credential Compromise

An added protection you get when you sign up for our employee security awareness training is proactive monitoring for stolen and compromised employee information on the Dark Web.

In today’s world of 3rd party data breaches of vendors or large retailers, it’s important to monitor for any sale of sensitive data that was exposed in a major breach.

Reporting and tracking include any instances where employee data was found on the Dark Web. Having this information as soon as it’s discovered gives you the head start you need to change logins and protect your business accounts.

Why Sign Up for Security Awareness Training?

#1 Cyberattacks are on the Rise

During the pandemic, there’s been a significant rise in cyberattacks across the globe. Companies need to protect themselves by being proactive, not just reactive, about IT security.

#2 Security Applications & Systems Are One Part of the Equation

It’s important to have security systems in place that include things like patch management, firewalls, antivirus/anti-malware, endpoint management, and more.

However, technology is just one part of the equation, the other is employee training to ensure your “human firewall” is just as strong as your IT firewall.

#3 Cyberthreats Evolve All the Time

Last year’s security awareness training is not going to warn employees of the newest tactics and threats they need to watch out for. Ongoing training is needed to keep employees up to date and prepared for anything.

Sign up today for NetCare SAT

NetCare can set up an ongoing employee training program that’s easy, effective, and improves your company’s cybersecurity posture.

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