Fifty-nine percent of surveyed organisations in six countries, including Australia, report relying on human memory to manage passwords, and 42% say they use sticky notes.

Neither is a good way to manage the passwords needed to keep vital data secured.

There are so many passwords that the average person has to remember that it’s near impossible for them to remember all the unique and strong passwords they use. This leads to cloud account data breaches and takeovers.

Password security is a big part of technology success at any Sydney area company. Passwords are often the only thing protecting a company’s most important systems and data. One bad actor that compromises a user’s account can plant malware, send phishing emails on a company’s domain, and much more.

In fact, a massive 77% of cloud account security breaches are due to compromised passwords.

Some of the common password bad habits that organisations struggle with are:

  • Passwords being reused across multiple accounts
  • Weak passwords
  • Passwords being stored insecurely (spreadsheet, sticky notes, etc.)
  • Passwords being continually forgotten

When it comes to solving all those password problems and ensuring enterprise-class security for a business, NetCare recommends using LastPass Enterprise password manager, both for individual and business use.

How Does LastPass Password Manager Work?

A password manager is an application that remembers your passwords for you and can be used company-wide to manage all your operations securely and efficiently.

LastPass uses secure, local encryption to store all user passwords safely in a password vault. The user only has to remember a single strong, unique password to access all the others.

The password vault allows users to browse through all added sites to retrieve, generate and manage their own catalog of unique and secure passwords

The Benefits of Using LastPass for Password Management

Using LastPass Enterprise has multiple benefits for a business. Some of these are:

  • Employees only have to remember a single strong password
  • Unlimited password storage
  • Ability to use LastPass to keep other digital records (Wi-Fi password, health insurance cards, etc.)
  • Makes online purchasing easier by securely storing and filling in payment card details
  • Easily and securely share passwords when needed
  • Use it on any device, from anywhere

Here are seven real-world examples of managing your company passwords using LastPass Enterprise:

#1 One Place to Control Access Management

LastPass gives businesses an all-in-one authentication solution that can be used across all business logins. Companies can centrally manage user authentication in one place, rather than needing to administer multiple authentication protocols in multiple apps.

#2 Flexible & Adaptive Authentication Measures

You’re not locked into a single multi-factor authentication method when using Last Pass Enterprise. Organisations can choose the authentication methods that are right for them, including biometric. So, security never has to be compromised.

Authentication can also be adapted to individual users and various scenarios, so you gain more control of who is logging into your assets and from where.

#3 Streamlined Login Experiences for Higher Productivity

LastPass Enterprise offers solutions like a passwordless user experience, which allows secure authentication without the need to type in a password. User identity can also be verified using factors like phone location or IP address.

#4 Securing and Enabling Remote Workforce | LastPass

Remote employees have posed a new security challenge for many Sydney area businesses. How do you allow remote workers access to the cloud tools and remote logins they need without sacrificing security?

#5 Secure Every Access Point

Whether a user is on-premises, working remotely from home, or traveling, LastPass ensures a secure login process from cloud to mobile.

Users can access their password vault from any device, and because they no longer have to remember passwords, every password used can be unique and strong.

#6 Control Which Employees Can Access Which Assets

With LastPass Enterprise, password management is put back into the hands of the organisation. You have centralised control over all employee access, including viewing access logs and the ability to remotely provision, de-provision, and change access policy controls.

You can implement company policies at the device, user, group, and organisational levels, giving you flexibility and granular control over how your remote workforce is accessing company data and from which devices. Through this control, you can create an environment where employees can securely work from home.

#7 Enterprise Password Management with SSO | LastPass Access

One reason that employees don’t like multi-factor authentication is that it takes additional time, and when you multiply that by the numerous logins they have, it can drag on productivity.

LastPass Enterprise offers a catalog of 1200+ pre-integrated apps for single sign-on (SSO). SSO gives employees a seamless and secure user experience. They simply log in once and enter MFA once, and they can access all applications needed for their work. It’s secure and productive at the same time!

Get Help Setting Up Secure Identity Management

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