SaaS has given many significant benefits over the years... and challenges as well. SaaS security and management has become critically important that if left unchecked, can cause productivity loss, recovery, and legal costs to name a few to our clients. To manage transparently and secure their SaaS applications is an MSPs top priority.

Over the last 18 months, 79% of surveyed organisations have experienced at least one cloud data breach. Many have seen even more. The complexity of the cloud and the number of apps that companies have can make uniform security policies difficult if you’re trying to manage it yourself.

Many companies will leave SaaS settings at defaults and suffer from breaches due to misconfiguration. This is when security settings aren’t configured according to a company’s needs and leave them vulnerable.

A report on cloud security found that approximately 41% of cloud data breaches can be tied back to setting misconfiguration.

How Does SaaS Security Work?

Did you know that the compromise of user credentials has become the number one cause of data breaches globally? This is directly tied to increased attacks on the SaaS environment that most businesses now rely on to operate

Proper SaaS security includes multiple layers to protect data, user credentials, and platform integrity. Here are some of the ways that we help companies better secure their cloud infrastructure.

Uncover Use of Shadow IT

Shadow IT is the use of SaaS tools by employees without express permission. It’s typically done innocently enough, with remote workers finding tools they like online and using them for their work without realising the security repercussions.

The use of unauthorised cloud apps can mean that your business data is in a platform that doesn’t meet your compliance requirements. You may not even be able to get to your data should the employee leave your company and not provide any login details.

Through the use of SaaS security tools, we can identify all the SaaS applications being used in your company, providing you with critical visibility.

This not only helps uncover uses of shadow IT, but it can also help you identify redundancies in the tools your team uses.

Classify Apps According to Security, Financial, & Productivity Risk

Not all SaaS tools have the same level of security or performance. How do you know which to keep, and which are leaving you more vulnerable to a data breach?

SaaS security includes the classification of applications being used by all employees in your business. They’re classified according to security risk, financial risk, and productivity risk.

Provide Protection for All-in-One Platforms (Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, etc.)

Platforms like Microsoft 365, Salesforce, and Google Workspace have complex security administration. There are so many different combinations of settings that it’s often difficult for a company to understand what needs to be configured to best protect their data without inconveniencing users needlessly.

When you work with Netcare for SaaS security and management, we can handle the customisation of these complex security ecosystems for you to match your needs.

This includes enabling important credential protection like multi-factor authentication (MFA), setting up access monitoring, and audits of privileged accounts.

As new security features are rolled out in these platforms, we can ensure that your configuration is adapting to them and benefitting.

Reporting to Give You Visibility Into Your Security Posture

It’s easier to become the victim of a SaaS-based data breach or cloud account takeover if you don’t know where your risk level stands.

We provide cloud security audit reporting that analyses security policy configuration for your SaaS tools and provides a comprehensive risk score, with recommendations for improving your score.

This way you have insights with goalposts set that you can work towards to improve your overall cloud security posture.

Management of SaaS is Streamlined

One of the challenges of managing your SaaS environment is that most companies have multiple tools to deal with. The employees across an average company use 137 unique SaaS apps, both a mix of free and paid.

With professional SaaS management, the monitoring and management process is streamlined. You gain a view into all SaaS environments and any potential security risks.

We can help you improve both productivity and security by simplifying processes such as:

  • Daily user management
  • Account provisioning
  • Privileged access monitoring
  • Password resets
  • License management
  • Offboarding process

Gaining visibility into your entire cloud environment at once makes it easier to manage policies like least privilege access and ensure that unused user accounts that were never closed aren’t leaving your security at risk.

Ensure Your SaaS Environment is Secure & Optimised

It becomes clear that the cost of inaction is far too great for security and IT teams to delay or ignore SaaS security. At Netcare, we can help your company manage your SaaS security and more. Try us.

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