Every customer and prospect tells us that high-quality talent is hard to find and that it's limiting their growth plans. It’s not unusual for a manager to exclaim that they wish they could clone one of their best employees so they could get more done.

One way to mitigate this problem is to get more leverage out of your existing high-quality staff. While you can’t exactly clone them, what you can do is make them more productive.

An often-overlooked method to increase the productivity of knowledge workers is to educate them on how to use their applications more effectively. Often just a change in a workflow can mean big savings in time.

While someone may be an excellent worker and get more done than most employees, there can still be things in their workflow that aren’t optimised, simply because they haven’t been shown a better way to do something.

How Much Time is Wasted Needlessly?

Looking for Information

One study on how knowledge workers spend their time found that approximately 19.8% of their day is spent searching for information. That’s the equivalent of a full day each week.

What if they learned how to search more efficiently and how to store their files in a way that made them easier to find?

Switching Between Apps

Another study on employee workflow found that 68% of employees say that they spend 30 minutes per day just switching between apps. That’s 2.5 hours per week that could be saved with a better workflow.

Not Knowing How to Use New Features

Work tools like your business apps and OS, like Windows 11, get upgraded regularly, and often these upgrades include productivity-enhancing features. But if employees aren’t properly trained on these (or even know they’re there), they may never use them and miss out on the time-saving benefits.

These are just a few examples of areas of time savings that can be found when you invest in employee training to help your people take better advantage of their work tools.

Most good employees will welcome the opportunity to be more optimised and reduce the time it takes them to do certain tasks.

How Can BrainStorm QuickHelp™ Improve Employee Productivity?

How can you provide your team with the type of training that is going to change their work habits and productivity? We recommend QuickHelp.

BrainStorm QuickHelp™ is a personalised training platform that improves the user experience and empowers your team to make long-term behavioural changes.

This isn’t just a quick training that someone is likely to forget. QuickHelp is designed with changing productivity for the long-term in mind.

For example, there's a 22-minute video on Windows 11 which is simply brilliant - especially as many of the features are actually already in Windows 10. Features that even I didn't know!

Here’s why QuickHelp is more than just an employee training platform.

Use a Variety of Tools

It’s well-known that the more ways you can present information to someone, the better chance it has of sticking.

QuickHelp uses a variety of different formats for training to reach any type of learner. These include:

  • Videos
  • PDFs
  • Live Events

One BrainStorm QuickHelp skill path can save an average of 18 minutes of employee productivity time every week!

Skill Paths Foster Personalised Learning

The platform uses skills paths that take users down a specific area of productivity training. These can be based on job roles and skillsets.

Lessons are bite-sized to keep employees engaged and the use of Quick Start Cards makes learning easier.

Reinforced Learning

What’s missing from a lot of training platforms? Reinforcement of what has been learned. Without this, users can easily forget things and won’t get the full benefit of the training.

Because QuickHelp is designed for workflow changes that last, it’s built with reinforced learning through hands-on practice and challenges.

Achievements Are Celebrated

The platform uses gamification to award badges that make users feel good about progressing to a new level of training. You can also see how users’ achievements compare to their peers.

Easy, Customisable Dashboard

You have easy-to-understand reporting and a customisable dashboard that allows you to see how your initiatives are succeeding and where improvements can be made.

Content is Relevant to Them

Your users get content that is based on real-life business scenarios, so it applies to what they actually do. This helps understanding and engagement because they can relate to the subject matter.

Leverage the Power of Training for Productivity

NetCare is a BrainStorm Quick Help partner, and we provide this training to our Technology Success customers. Find out more on how your business in the Sydney area can benefit from empowering your team with training designed for long-term productivity.

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